Romanian for fun

Romanian or limba română to its speakers is a romance language with around 24 million speakers. It has remained closest to Latin from the romance languages, and shares many common features with them.

If you already speak another romance language, it is relatively easy to acquire a basic knowledge of Romanian due to the similarities between grammar and vocabulary. Romanian for fun will help you to start to learn Romanian, and develop basic conversational ability. There are free online Romanian language lessons, tests and audio, and the content is designed for beginner level language learners and anyone who is interested in Romanian and Romania. Included are basic grammar lessons, simple words and phrases in Romanian as well as links to resources and further information about Romanian.

How to start learning Romanian

The two hardest parts of learning a language are starting and breaking through the intermediate stage to reach an advanced level. Start here will give you some ideas on where and how to begin, and also how you can get the most from Romanian for fun.

Romanian Lessons Start

Romanian for fun contains free online Romanian language courses. The lessons have audio recorded by native Romanian speakers.

It is aimed at beginner level language learners and anyone who plans to visit South Africa. Included are basic grammar lessons, simple words and phrases in the Afrikaans language as well as links to resources and further information about Afrikaans.

The Lessons consist of several types:

  • Basic words and phrases such as: yes, no, please, thanks ...
  • Key language such as numbers, days of the week and months and colours.
  • Basic grammatical points linked to explanations, and which can be used as an introduction to the sentences. These take the form of sentences with gramatical explanations to help construct basic sentences. The explanations linked to from the Lessons and the lessons from the appropriate page.

Romanian phrases Start

The phrases cover holiday and travel situations. If you only intend to learn a few words and phrases in total, or don't know where to start then you could begin with first words, useful Romanian phrases and and the Romanian numbers.

There are phrases covering:

Romanian sentences Start

Another way of easily improving your fluency, Romanian vocabulary and grammatical knowledge, is through learning sentences. There are over 500 conversational Romanian sentences with audio and these romanian sentences are the most important part of the site for learning conversational Romanian.

But these pages are really about learning the basics for conversational Romanian, as described in start here which gives an idea of how get the most from these pages. Although there are numbers, first words and other basic get by type phrases, Romanian for fun is about learning to construct and use basic sentences with some degree of fluency, and this means learning and analysing sentences. It is less about comprehension (obviously an absolutely crucial part of language learning), and more about speaking.

Romanian vocabulary Start

Romanian vocabulary can be learnt in many ways. You can write words out repeatedly, write and attach labels in Romanian on everything you come across, use mind maps, memory palaces or associate Romanian words with their English equivalents. Learning Romanian vocabulary offers some suggestions.

  • Learn the vocabulary from the sentences
  • Learn key vocabulary suitable for beginners
  • Use the sentences to learn vocabulary

The following are possible ways, roadmaps or routes to start using Romanian for fun depending on your aims.

They are selected from the lessons, vocabulary and sentences.


Colours Start lesson
Days of the Week Start lesson
First words Start lesson
Introductions Start lesson
Numbers 1-10 Start lesson

Get by phrases

Drinks Start lesson
Food. General phrases Start lesson
Directions. 1 Start lesson
Travel. General Start lesson

Essential grammar

Regular verbs Start lesson