Romanian for fun is a free language learning site for anyone interested in the Romanian language.

Here you will discover lists of Romanian words and phrases (along with audio), useful links to Romanian resources on the internet, my favourite Romanian songs and information about Romanian and Romania, as well as hints on language learning.

If you want to know how to use from part-time Romanian, have a butchers at start here, and if you want to know a bit about the origins of the site, read on:)

I don't know your reasons for learning Romanian, but I like the romance languages. I speak Spanish, Italian at somewhere between a B2 and C1 type level depending on the day, subject and moon phase;) I talk about this at times on my blog at surface languages.

And now I want to learn some Romanian but don't have much time to dedicate to spend on this. I am learning it for fun. I have no need to use the language, although I'm fairly sure that I hear it now and again in my part of the UK.

So, Romanian for fun, will satisfy my language wanderlust and I hope over a period of time enable me to learn the language to some degree of proficiency.

We will see.

Romanian for fun is a mixture of professionally produced content, sentences that I have found or used or had explained to me, and explanations written by yours truly. Among other things I run Surface languages, which is where most of the audio and sentences originated from (at least initially), but in a different format.

This is a (very) part time (!) project which I will update as and when and as of today (20 March 2017) there is very little to this site, and even less that functions.


Romanian for fun needs cookies to function.

They are used by the google ads and some of the language tests. If you turn cookies off, the tests will probably stop working properly. I say probably, as I've tried to avoid cookies where possible in my javascript, but it is often easiest to store bits and pieces in cookies ...


I am not, nor do I pretend to be a language guru of any sort.

The explanations (grammar) were written by me as part of my gentle quest to learn Romanian. These may as they say contain traces of nuts. If you find any mistakes please let me know.

As my knowledge of Romanian grammar deepens, these explanations will, I hope, improve and become increasingly thorough.

If you have any comments, suggestions, drop me a line on my blog on Surface languages.