Starting to learn Romanian

The following are possible ways, roadmaps or routes to start using Romanian for fun depending on your aims.

They are selected from the lessons, vocabulary and sentences.


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Get by phrases

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Essential grammar

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Roadmaps to learning Romanian

It is easier to start learning Romanian, or any other language, than to attain fluency or good conversational ability.

It can also be more fun, as in the beginning stages you can make rapid progress without concerning yourself with obscure grammatical rules or words which occur once on a blue moon, in a month of Sundays;) or extremely infrequently.

It is not always easy to know where to begin, and the roadmaps are there to give you possible starting points.

Learning a language can vary from knowing a handfull of common words to fluency. It all depends on your needs and aims. Do you want to learn enough to be polite, to get by or to be able to express yourself fluently and with confidence?

The roadmap or resources that you choose to use from these pages (and other books and courses) will depend very much on your requirements.

Romanian for fun is aimed at anyone who wants to start learning Romanian and wants to learn the basics for free, wants to learn a few key words and phrases before visiting Romania or maybe begin learning some conversational Romanian (see the sentences).

The roadmaps have been split into basics, get by phrases and essential grammar.

The roadmaps are just ideas and another way to use "Romanian for fun is to select key or useful words and phrases that you want to learn. It is easy to forget that when you visit Romania the key words which you use most often will be specific to you (after please, thanks etc).

These key words and phrases will vary from visitor to visitor depending on the purpose of their trip. A stamp collector is likely to need different words to a butterfly collector or explorer!

Most of us are more likely to be tourists or perhaps on business, but the idea is the same. Learn the language that you are likely to use. If you are a tourist learning the Romanianword for 'butterfly' fluture is not likely to be of any use.

The same principle applies when using a Romanian course. I've bought Teach yourself Romanian and while it is useful there is a large amount of (for me) redundant information. There are numerous examples, one being the word mica publicitate (small ads) which occurs early on in the book.

The likelihood of me needing to say mica publicitate in Romanian is vanishingly small, so I am not going to learn this ...

Using Romanian for fun

There are two main aspects to the site: the lessons and the sentences.

The romanian lessons contain get-by phrases and sentences illustrating important (and basic) grammatical points sufficient to help you construct your own sentences.

The sentences contain five hundred conversational Romanian sentences with audio by a native speaker.

One idea among many of language learning is that through learning sufficient sentences (in an active manner), that you will automatically assimilate the grammar.

Romanian grammar

There is a basic grammar outlining the most important principles of Romanian grammar.

The grammar is based on the pareto principle, in other words only the most important and commonly used aspects of Romanian grammar are covered.