Romanian phrases. Directions

Learning simple phrases not only helps you to get around, but also to understand Romanian sentence structure.

Directions 1 Learn

Where is ..?Unde este ..?
Where are ..?Unde sunt ..?
how do I get to ..?Cum ajung la ..?
Can I walk there?Pot să merg pe jos până acolo?
Is there a bus?Este vreun autobuz
Is there a train?Este vreun tren?
Is it far?E departe?
Can you show me on the map?Îmi puteţi arăta pe hartă?

Directions 2 Learn

To the leftLa stânga
To the rightLa dreapta
On the right hand sideÎn partea dreaptă
On the left hand side"În partea stângă
At the end of the streetLa capătul străzii
The first on the rightPrima la dreapta
The first on the leftPrima la stânga
Straight onDirect înainte

Using the phrases

You can, of course, just learn the phrases that you find most useful, and that is a perfectly sensible approach for a quick visit.

But you can also spend more time and look at their structure, at the verbs used, word order and so on.

Basic phrases, just like the sentences are a simple way of starting to understand Romanian grammar.


The irregular verb a fi to be is well represented in these sentences. You can learn it here.

Este he/she/it is may also be written as e as in the sentence E departe?