Romanian phrases. Travel

Learning simple phrases not only helps you to get around, but also to understand Romanian sentence structure.

Travel (general) Learn

Do you have a map of (formal)..?Aveţi o hartă a ..?
Do you have a map of (informal)..?Ai o hartă a ..?
How long does it take to get to ..?În cât timp se ajunge la ..?
Is this seat free?Este acest loc liber?
Do I need to change?Trebuie să schimb?
A single ticketUn billet dus
A return ticketUn billet întors
Is there a discount for children?Este vreo reducere pentru copii?
Is there a discount for pensioners?Este vreo reducere pentru pensionari?
A ticket for ..Un billet pentru ..

Travel (train and bus) Learn

Is this the train for ..?Acesta este trenul pentru ..?
When does the train leave?Când pleacă trenul?
What platform does the train leave from?De la ce linie pleacă trenul?
The bus stopStaţia de autobuz
When is the next bus?Când este următorul autobuz?
When is the last bus?Când este ultimul autobuz?
hat time does it leave?La ce oră pleacă?
When does it arrive?La ce oră ajunge

Travel (taxi) Learn

Is this taxi free?Este acest taxi liber?
I want to go to ..Doresc să merg la ..
How much to go to ..?Cât costă pentru a merge la ..?
It's near hereE aproape
Can you slow down?Pueţi să încetiniţi?
Stop hereOpriţi aici
Please turn the meter onVă rog porniţi ceasul

Using the phrases

You can, of course, just learn the phrases that you find most useful, and that is a perfectly sensible approach for a quick visit.

But you can also spend more time and look at their structure, at the verbs used, word order and so on.

Basic phrases, just like the sentences are a simple way of starting to understand Romanian grammar, and being able to build your own sentences.


A few of the phrases have both formal and informal versions (as described in Romanian grammar basics).

Trebuie să ... is a useful construction with a meaning between I must/I should/is it necessary depending on the context.

Trebuie să lucrez I must work

Trebuie să schimb? Do I need/must I change?

Astăzi trebuie să fac curățenie în apartament Today I must clean the apartment

The above examples are taken from the sentences.