Romanian phrases. The weather

Learning simple phrases not only helps you to get around, but also to understand Romanian sentence structure.

The weather Learn

Is it going to rain?a ploua?
It's hotE cald
It's coldE frig
It's niceE plăcut
It's freezingE foarte frig
It's windyE vânt
It's rainyE ploios
What is the weather like today?Cum este vremea astăzi?
It is sunnyEste însorit
It is hotEste foarte cald
Is it raining?Plouă?
No, it's not rainingNu, nu plouă?
The weather is niceVremea este frumoasă

Everyone likes to talk about the weather. Go on admit it! Especially us English.

But you can also spend more time and look at their structure, at the verbs used, word order and so on.

Basic phrases, just like the sentences are a simple way of starting to understand Romanian grammar,.

Get by phrases are great for this as they are by their very nature short - leading in general to nice simple constructions.


Negation is nicely shown with Nu, nu plouă? no, it's not raining

The irregular verb a fi to be is well represented in these sentences. You can learn it here.

The outline of Romanian grammar is enough to get an extremely basic understanding of the essential points of grammar. One of these points is that adjectives agree and the agreement depends on the gender of the noun.

In the sentence Vremea este frumoasă the adjective (nice) agrees with the word for weather which is feminine.