Telling the time in Romanian

Once you have learnt to count from one to ten, it is easy to learn to tell the time in Romanian.

In Romanian, we say It is hour one, it is hour two and so on.

Telling the time. HoursLearn

What time is it?Cât e ceasul?
It is 1 o'clockEste ora unu
It is 2 o'clockEste ora două
It is 3 o'clockEste ora trei
It is 4 o'clockEste ora patru
It is 5 o'clockEste ora cinci
It is 6 o'clockEste ora şase
It is 7 o'clockEste ora şapte
It is 8 o'clockEste ora opt
It is 9 o'clockEste ora nouă
It is 10 o'clockEste ora zece
It is 11 o'clockEste ora unsprezece
It is 12 o'clockEste ora doisprezece


If you are counting in Romanian, the word for two is doi.

When telling the time the word for two is Două. This is because the word for two agrees with the word for hour which is feminine.

The basic grammar explains adjectival agreements in more detail.