Romanian grammar

Basics An outline of Romanian grammar
Irregular verbs Verbs. Irregular
Verbs (past) Past tense
Verbs (present) Present tense

A basic reference grammar

Romanian for fun is aimed at beginners who want to learn some Romanian, maybe enough to be polite, a few phrases and also also conversational sentences, and the grammar on these pages reflects this.

Most of the sections also contain example sentences and associated tests to help internalise and learn the points mentioned.

The grammar covered is based on the Pareto principle, which is that by learning 20% of Romanian grammar, you can cover 80% of the structures that you will need. It is not complete and doesn't cover exceptions, but is enough to understand how the Sentences and Lessons are constructed.

In short, it is enough for the beginner and someone who is learning Romanian for fun, but if you want to cover Romanian in more depth or those who want to understand the various exceptions will need a more complete reference.