A putea 'to be able'

As in the other romance languages irregular verbs such as a putea are among the most frequently used.

A putea is often followed by the infinitive, instead of by the subjunctive, as is commonly the case in Romanian.

Present tense Learn

The present tense of the irregular Romanian verb a putea (to be able).

I am ablepot
you are ablepoți
he is ablepoate
she is ablepoate
we are ableputem
you (plural) are ableputeți
they are ablepot

Examples (present)Learn

A few example sentences using a putea in the present tense.

I can't talk tomorrowNu pot să vorbesc mâine
What can you see in Krakow?Ce poți vedea în Cracovia?
Can you write that?Poți să scrii asta?
Can you speak English?Poți să vorbești limba engleză?
Can you wait five minutes?Poți să aștepți cinci minute?
We can talk tomorrow if you wantPutem să vorbim mâine, dacă dorești