A avea 'to have'

Verbs are important, but some are more important than others and the irregular verb a avea is right up there in levels of importance. It is constantly used and is also required when talking about the past tense of what you did yesterday etc. This is because the past tense is constructed using a avea and the past participle.

Present tense Learn

The present tense of the irregular Romanian verb 'a avea'.

I haveam
you haveai
he hasare
she hasare
we haveavem
you (plural) haveaveți
they haveau

A few example sentences using a avea using the present and past tenses.

I don't have a bikeNu am bicicletă
Do you have children?Tu ai copii?
I have two childrenEu am doi copii
They have two childrenEi au doi copii
Have you been to EnglandAi fost în Anglia?
I went to France three years agoAm fost în Franța în urmă cu trei ani
I have travelled a lotAm călătorit foarte mult