Romanian vocabulary

The first lists of vocabulary (vocabulary from sentences) are taken from the Sentences, and where a word has more than one meaning, the meaning given is as used in the sentence.

E.g. început means 'beginning/start' 'as a noun but in the clause Am început has means 'I started'.

Phrases are included where it is helpful such as de cât timp (for how long) or în urmă cu (ago).

Basic vocabulary contains basic Romanian vocabulary which isn't used in the sentences, but is suitable for beginners.

The vocab in the list is (in general) in the dictionary form.

Using the sentence Cum stau lucrurile? as an example:-

The word lucru 'thing' is encountered as lucrurile 'things' is the sentence but lucru in the vocabulary.

Stau is the third person plural of the verb a sta 'to stand' and both a sta and stau are included in the vocabulary.

There is a link to the one or more sentences where the word is used.